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Yamada Kojiro
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Name: Yamada Kojiro

Kanji: 山田光路郎

Age: 17

Weight: 76 kg

Height: 185 cm

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O

First Appearance: Chapter 1: The Bride's Bridge

Family: Yamada Aguri (Sister)

Birthday: April 12th

Zodiac: Aries

Voice Actor: Maeno Tomoaki (Drama CDs)

Actor: Suehara Takuma (Stage Play)

Yamada Kojiro is part of the law enforcement department in his town, Gento. Often called "officer", he maintains public safety, however, he often gets distracted checking on Shiro.


Kojiro's Uniform

Kojio is a 17 year old male with a well-built, muscular stature. He has short black hair, but it is often partially covered by his officer's cap. His uniform is a black, high-collared suit with gold trim, partnered with tall white boots.


Kojiro is a hot-headed man who can't stand sloppy people. This of course is the reason he becomes entwined with Shiro, after seeing how incapable Shiro seems to be at taking care of himself. Kojiro has a very strong sense of morality, and stands for justice. Despite his strict demeanor, he just as much shows his soft side, which includes a strong love for cats.


Kojiro comes from a normal, but somewhat poor family of farmers. Kojiro’s father was a starving bonsai artist whose work didn’t sell, and the family often ate strange non-foods for dinner, including but not limited to crunchy plums, water, and salt.

Hailing from the mountain district, Kojiro’s childhood was happy, except for a small part that he is not able to recall well. It is heavily suggested that during this part of his childhood, Kojiro met both Anri Sanshe and Shiro Yoshiwara.

When he was younger, his sense of justice was just as prevalent, and he always made sure to help others out. He is extremely well-liked, and is always being asked for help by the older women in town. However, as his relationship with Shiro deepens, he beings to become involved with a more dangerous world...


Yamada Aguri

She is Kojiro's cute younger sister.

Yoshiwara Shiro

He is a close friend and a sloppy umbrella craftsman who can't seem to keep his loincloth on properly.

Aragami Saburouta

Kojiro's older blood-brother, who feels inferior to Kojiro.

Otachi Ippei

Kojiro's once-weak childhood friend. He is very naive, and easily gets himself mixed up into trouble.

Seargant Sakihana Rurimaru

Kojiro's boss and head of the police department.

Saotome Mizuhiko

A fellow member of the police department; his job is to profile criminals.

Likes & Dislikes

Favorite Foods: White rice, gomoku meshi, tempura, soba, kenchin jiru, chawanmushi, botamochi, hiyashi ame, yomogi dango, amaguri.

Food Dislikes: Milk.

Favorite Colors: Blue, white, light blue.

Hobbies: Cats, collecting cat-shaped goods, cleaning his room, body-building, taking part in festivals, thinking up fast and delicious recipes.

Dislikes: Slovenly acts, immoral acts, gaudiness.

Not Really Good At: Songs, poetry, art, drinking alcohol, making cats like him