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Saotome Mizuhiko
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Saotome Mizuhiko


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October 29

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Saotome Mizuhiko is an older man working in the Law Enforcement department of Gento, as a psychological profiler of criminals. He often solves cases at a rapid rate by analysing statistics and evidence; as well as the minds of the criminals themselves, in order to glean the most amount of information possible.


Saotome has long, black and curly hair tied into a ponytail and kind, tilting eyes. He is usually depicted as cheerful with a gentle smile, though he has quite a few wrinkles from his age. However, his expressions change drastically and become unsettlingly creepy whenever he goes into "serious mode", as it is described by Yamada Kojiro.

In the past, he was described as a great beauty and indeed was a visually stunning young man. Many have been shown as taken aback by his aging process, and been vaguely disappointed about liking him in his younger years.

He is generally seen only wearing the Gento police uniform: a black, high-collared suit with buttoned-up white boots coming up to his knees. On his belt he carries a sheath for his weapons, a pair of fans.


Normally extremely cheerful and fun to be around, although he appears to act rather childish for his age. Saotome is playful and enjoys teasing his subordinates or pranking them, so he is laughing or smiling all the time.

Despite this, he has a cruel and secretive streak to him as well as an insidious reputation, keeping his fighting abilities from Kojiro; lying and threatening ruthless violence and murder to get what he wants, and turning quite twisted when concentrating on a case. He feigns cowardice when it comes to battle and runs away as much as possible, which could possibly be a ploy at concealing his skill.

Saotome has an impeccable memory and uses his detailed knowledge of hundreds of police cases to solve mysteries and analyze criminals.


Saotome age 19.png

Nicknamed "The Fog of the Gento Police Station", it's clear that there's more to Saotome than what meets the eye. As a young man, Saotome was greatly admired for his beauty and skill, despite being involved with illicit people or businesses to gain the information he needed as he was a sought-after and well trained spy. He was unable to use a sword and looked delicate, but was quite dangerous. He collected information from various people and police stations around the country, and always carried around extremely important and/ or damning intelligence.

Saotome was friends with Sakihana Rumimaru during this time, and the two had a close relationship that persists into present day. Saotome hated anyone who teased Ruri-kun, including but not limited to Kojiro’s father.

In the present, Saotome works as a criminal profiler and psycho-analyses criminals rather than all the dangerous information gathering he used to partake in.


Seargant Sakihana Rurimaru

Close friends who have been working on the force for a long time together. The two of them share a strong bond as old comrades and best friends.

Yamada Kojiro

Subordinate of his, whom he seems to favour. Saotome enjoys teasing him about his personal life and about Shiro, as well as making Kojiro the target for the majority of his pranks. Kojiro has said before that he finds Saotome hard to understand, which isn't unusual given his elusive and polar personality.

Shiro Yoshiwara

Saotome is well-mannered with him, although he's often having a laugh about Shiro's bad habits and about what kind of relationship he shares with Kojiro.

Aragami Saburouta

Another one of his subordinates. Unfortunately, Saburouta isn't lucky enough to escape Saotome's mischief either, and will get flustered or emotional easily when provoked by him; though it's never in an overtly negative manner.

Likes and Dislikes

Favourite Food: Grilled ayu fish seasoned with salt, boiled eggplant with soumen, oroshi-mochi, clam clear soup, mizutaki, Chinese noodles, sweet potato in Shiruko.

Disliked Food: Natto, garlic etc; all dishes with a strong aroma.

Favourite colours: Purple, black, grey, madder red, sky blue.

Likes: Hari-kun (Sakihana Rurimaru), setting traps to prank people, devising wicked schemes, plotting things inside his head, all outdoor sports, reading, visiting museums, playing with machines.

Dislikes: Not related to hatred per se, but he wants to obliterate every single person who tries to trick Hari-kun.

What he's not good at: swordplay, being scolded by Hari-kun.


Strength 3/5
Stamina 1/5
Intelligence 5/5