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Arumikare Sanshe

Name: Arumikare Sanshe

Gender: Biologically Male, Gender Unknown

Occupation: Prophet

First Appearance: Chapter 36

Family:  Anri Sanshe (son), Unknown Second Son

Arumikare Sanshe is Anri Sanshe’s father. They spend their time with the Organization as a honored guest thanks to their prophetic abilities.



It is unknown as to whether Arumikare is Anri’s biological or adoptive father, but the two share some obvious physical similarities. Arumikare has long, curly blonde hair reaching below their waist. They have pale skin and a slim frame, but are surprisingly strong.

Arumikare seems to be biologically male, but appears quite androgynous and dresses femininely.


Arumikare appears to be a cheerful, mystical person with the same sexualized edge as their son, Anri. They have excellent senses and instincts, and have the ability to make prophecies that are sometimes correct.

Arumikare is more dangerous than they appear. They seem to have a sadistic streak. Arumikare supports Kojiro and believes that his and Anri’s fates are intertwined, but dislikes Shiro and describes him as a “child of misfortune”.


It is unknown what Arumikare did before the birth of their first son, but it is shown that they raised Anri before he was captured and taken in by the organization, or possibly even during. Arumikare is first shown quite early on in the manga, during one of Kojiro‘s dreams about an incident he can’t quite remember involving someone he calls the “golden man”. It is revealed much later that the ”golden man” is Arumikare.

Arumikare, accompanied by a young Anri, saved Kojiro’s life after commenting that Kojiro’s fate was connected to Anri’s. They describe Kojiro as Anri’s counterpart.

It seems that soon after that, Arumikare and Anri were captured by the organization, and Arumikare was trapped there to act as a prophet. Their son, Anri, became a “dead dog”.

At some point after Anri’s birth, Arumikare had a second son.