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Aragami Saburouta
Saburouta reading.png

Name:  Aragami Saburouta

Age:  18

Bloodtype: A

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Gender:  Male

Occupation: Policeman

First Appearance:  Chapter 3

Family: Unnamed Parents, Otachi Ippei (cousin)

Birthday: March 12

Zodiac: Pisces

Aragami Saburouta is Yamada Kojiro’s older blood- brother. He tries his best to be a reliable older brother for his much- stronger younger brother, but is constantly upstaged by the well- meaning Kojiro, much to his chagrin.



Saburouta is a tall man with dark eyes and grey- blonde hair. His hair sticks up in a way that young Kojiro describes as “super saiyan.”


Saburouta is a bit cowardly and weak, but does his best to be reliable and brave. He has a loud voice and a passion for “good women”.


Saburouta first met Kojiro when the Yamada family moved into town. In an attempt to become close to Yamada Aguri, whom he had a crush on at the time, Saburouta decided to become Kojiro’s blood brother, despite the latter’s bad attitude. Their childhood was a mix of getting into misadventures and Kojiro stealing Saburouta’s food.

Some time after their meeting, Saburouta was unable to protect Kojiro from nearly drowning in a river, despite the fact that the latter always believed Saburouta had tried to. Saburouta always felt guilty about this incident and tried to be a good older brother.

However, as time went on, it became apparent to Saburouta that Kojiro outshone him in nearly everything. Kojiro won the kendo competition Saburouta lost, got the promotion Saburouta never received, had respect while Saburouta received none from their coworkers. This led to Saburouta becoming somewhat jealous of Kojiro. This, combined with his remaining guilt about the aforementioned incident, led to Saburouta‘s decision to quit being Kojiro’s blood brother.