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Anri Yoshiwara
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Name: Anri Yoshiwara

Kanji: 吉原 安里

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 65 kg

Height: 181 cm

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Southern Troupe Leader

First Appearance:

Family: Shiro Yoshiwara (Blood-Brother)

Birthday: October 7

Zodiac: Libra

Voice Actor: Sakurai Takahiro (Drama CDs)

Actor: Mikami Shun (Stage Play)

Anri Sanshe, also known as Yoshiwara Anri, (吉原 安里, Yoshiwara Anri) is the leader of the Southern Troupe, and blood brother of Shiro. His father is Arumikare Sanshe.


Anri is foreign, although he grew up in Japan for most of his life. He has chin-length, wavy blond hair, with green eyes and freckles. In addition to small glasses, Anri wears light "armor" that he crafted himself, which covers parts of his arms and neckbones. Moreover, the armor conceals his weapons, like Shiro's. He also wears long pants, with very high-heeled boots.

When in disguise, Anri goes by the name of a former serial killer, "Botan", meaning "Peony" in english. In this disguise, he dyes his hair black and removes his glasses, and sports a black kimono. This is the only persona of Anri's that Kojiro has met.


Anri is a very mysterious and sly person. He manages to become the newest Southern Troupe leader, with overwhelming support from its civilians. Anri has little shame, and readily displays his erotic nature (and body) to both men and women. Additionally, he is very inventive, creating both an "airplane" and his weapons. However, Anri has a blood-thirsty side, and does not like to be crossed.


At a young age, Anri was most likely captured and brought to the organization, as he mentions differences between Japan and his previous country. With Shiro as his blood-brother, he grew up in terrible poverty, and had to resort to unfortunate and saddening livelyhoods to survive. In addition to the misery they suffered through, Anri also become addicted to an opium-like drug called "red veil", which not only helps him stay alive, but grants him significant power.

Unlike Shiro, Anri continued his life within the organizaiton, and worked to become well-liked by its people. Eventually, he succeeds in becoming the Southern Troupe leader, part of one of his many mysterious plans. With the help of his "team", he continues as the leader of his troupe.

Though they were once the only thing each other had, Anri and Shiro separated, though it has not yet been revealed how. Anri is still very much fond of Shiro, though it is unknown how much of his "love" for him is real, or part of the plan he has involving Shiro. Both of them vow to either kill the other, or be killed by the other's hands. 


Shiro Yoshiwara

Anri's sworn blood-brother, Anri discovered Shiro’s talent for killing (and, possibly, the fact that he was the person that could save or destroy the whole organization) when the two were extremely young. Anri seems to love Shiro, in a strange and twisted way, and taught his younger brother how to fight, both physically and psychologically. The two no longer live alongside each other, but their lives still intertwine, usually in the form of battles.


Anri's "right-hand man". He is completely dedicated to obeying Anri's every whim, and mothers him in the same way Kojiro does for Shiro.

Yamada Kojiro

Anri first approaches Kojiro in a bar, and, upon letting the latter drink himself into a stupor, followed him home and slept in his bed with him and pretended the next morning that the two had slept together, much to Kojiro’s horror.

Anri dyed his hair black before interacting with Kojiro, and Kojiro currently does not know that blonde haired Anri, who attacked and attempted to kill him, is the same person as black haired Anri, whom he considers a friend.


Anri, upon seeing Mutsukuchi for the first time, asked her to be his girl and later raped her. The two seem to have a love hate relationship, with love coming from Anri and hate coming from Mutsukuchi.

Likes & Dislikes

Favorite Food: Stew with demi glace sauce, vegetable soup, gratin pie, plain or cheese omelet, madeleine, speculaas, milk tea, candies, kuzu sakura, cream caramel.

Disliked Food: Blue cheese, cakes with citrus fruit inside, natto.

Favorite Colors: Red, white, light peach, beige, dark brown, light green.

Likes: Being hugged, playing with girls, being played by men, partying, cooking, gathering cute cooking utensils, singing, playing shamisen, designing or sewing clothes, creating misceallaneous goods, inventing stuff.

Dislikes: Having his territory or room entered without permission.

Not Good At: Obeying rules.